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Death Penalty is wrong


Death penalty is morally WRONG - no human being (or society) should be allowed to take the life of another human being in cold blood.
Death penalty is socially CORRUPTIVE - it makes killing people an acceptable behavior.
Death penalty is socially DEGENERATING - violence breeds violence, and killing other people is the ultimate form of violence.
Death penalty is socially CRUEL - it punishes the relatives of the convicted person for a crime in which they have had no part.
Death penalty is socially UNJUST - it is mostly applied to the poor, the deprived and the wretched of the society.
Death penalty is socially a 'CRIMINAL' act - it is 'murder' committed by governments in a systematic way.
Death penalty is legally UNSAFE - far too many people get executed for the crimes they have been wrongly convicted of.
Death penalty is legally IRREVERSIBLE - dead victims of a miscarriage of justice can never be compensated.
Death penalty is legally CORRUPTIVE - it is a convenient way for torturers to eliminate the main witness of their crimes.
Death penalty is a means of political SUPPRESSION - the death penalty has been, and can always be, applied to political opponents of the governing regime, no matter how 'democratic' or 'popular' it may be.