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52 Ways to say I love you
52 Ways to say I love you
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1.Fresh baked cookies and milk says it every time, no matter how old you are.
2.Put a note in their lunch to remind them they are important to you.
3.Go on a date - for no reason!
4.Send flowers to arrive at home when you are out of town on business.
5.Watch The Princess Bride together. Then work "As you wish," into your vocabulary.
6.Do the dishes...without being asked.
7.Give 'em a hug...a good, solid "bear hug"!
8.Keep a journal at home, where anyone can write ideas and thoughts down.
9.Instead of buying a birthday card...make it!
10.Take him or her to a restaurant they love (but, it's not your favorite).
11.The quietest way to say it is to simply listen. No matter who it is, there will be days when youre the only one who does.
12.Meet your child for the cafeteria!
13.If youre married, propose again. And again. And again. Find different romantic ways to pop the question.
14.Do your homework - before being asked!
15.Say Thank you.
16.Have dinner and everything ready on the table when they get home.
17.When was the last time you checked your child's homework?
18.Dont forget the classics: breakfast in bed (or even coffee), holding hands, a backrub or foot massage, a nice long hug, opening doors for each other.
19.Kidnap them! Pack an overnight bag for your love, bring a bottle of champagne, and surprise him or her with an overnight at a "fancy" or "fun" place.
20.Take out the trash.
21.Ask how their day was...and listen to the answer.
22.Dig out the old photos and make a scrapbook together.
23.Write a song/poem for them.
24.Whenever youve been apart (even for a few hours), make sure he/she knows that youre happy to be together again. "I missed you," is just another way of saying, "I love you".
25.Make a fifteen minute appointment in your calendar to call a family member just to say hi.
26.Take off early (both of you) from work and go to a matinee movie together.
27.Have a little brother or sister? Invite 'em to hang out with you for a night - it won't kill you and they'll think you're so cool!
28.Be spontaneous!
29.Write I LOVE YOU on the mirror with shaving cream before you leave.
30.Call your mom or dad and tell them where you are...they do worry about you.
31.Put your kids' artwork on the really does make them feel good.
32.Make a standing, monthly date with your mom or dad...just the 2 of you!
33.If you are married, have a second wedding to celebrate your anniversary with minister, church and guests.
34.Learn to say, "I love you" in lots of different languages. Teach them to the person you want to say it to.
35.Volunteer in your child's classroom - even if it's just to cut out 23 paper shows you care.
36.Take pictures of yourselves kissing in as many places as you can. Put them into a photo album. Give him/her the album.
37.Call your grandparents on Grandparents Day!
38.Stay home and light a fire, eat dinner on the floor and watch an old, classic romantic movie.
39.Clean the litter box!
40.Create a cocktail or a special dish and name it after him/her.
41.Buy your child something they love to wear, even though you don't!
42.If you're in college, send your mom or dad a letter (snail mail!)...they'll love it!
43.Volunteer to baby-sit your little brother or sister so your parents can go out for the evening.
44.Call and leave a voice mail late one night so that it's the first message he/she gets in the morning.
45.Tell the truth.
46.Pick a room - and clean it up! You'll make someone happy (and you might find that other black sock!).
47.Make his/her passions your passions. Find out what he/she really enjoys doing. Spend time doing it together.
48 Put your hands on their shoulders - look them in the eye - and say, "I'll always love you".
49.Use those "Post-It's"! Leave Hi's and I Love You's all over the place.
50.Laundry - need we say more?
51.Don't take life too seriously - laugh as much as possible.
52.Take time to listen...