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Marion Wilson,Gedichte aus der Todeszelle

Marion ist 27 Jahre und sitzt seit er 19 ist in der Todeszelle.Hier sind einige Gedichte von Ihm,leider nur in Englisch.

Marion Wilson #847877, G4-98
P.O. Box 3877

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angeloflove.gif Edit

Just like Love
A rosebud unfolds,life begins
an exquisite delicacy,alone in the wind.
Unsure of what the world has in store,
like a lonely man gazing at the sea shore.
Sunshine arrives,"Relief",the rose smiles,
petals beaming with pleasure,soft as a child.
Overwhelmed with joy,it reflects with grace
like a newborn infant,clean and chaste.
Often touched by the nourishing rain,
but even refreshment can't ease a lonely roses pain.
Determined to make it on his desolate path alone,
he walks with faith to find his way home.
Just like love,he has his ups and downs,
but always manages to keep both feet on solid ground.
An exquisite delicacy,alone in the wind
a rose bud unfolds,life begins.  Edit

geddesglobe.gif Edit

Lonely I am
If lonliness had a name,
it's name would be Marion
for lonely...I am.
Like the last leaf
on a tree
in the midst of the autumn season,
like a nomadic pup
whose whimpers go unheard
by it's distant mother...
lonely I am.

Continuing my Journey

Oceans I've wept,
and lonely miles I've walked
my eyes ache
and my legs are tired,
but still I continue my journey.

I often wonder why
when I feel too weak to press on,
I still feel the need to face life
keep my head up and be strong.

wouldnt it be easier to let go
allowing lifes pain to wash me ashore,
saying a prayer with my last breath
asking God to open up heavens door.

But I can't give up myself
gotta believe, even when I lose,
and though death can eliminate my pain
to live my life is what I choose.

by Marion Wilson