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My english Site
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My Pets

I love my pets! On this page I'll describe them and their special place in my life.



I found Minnie about 2  years ago,totally skinny,outside my work.Since I know her sister got almost killed a week earlier and probably put to sleep by the pound,I told to myself.
If that cat is coming to me then I will take her home.If she is not coming,then it isn't supposed to be.
I sat myself on the grass and called the cat.It took a while,but finally she came.I took her home after that.She didn't even panic when I took her in my car.She knew she will have a good life from now on.
Now,she is a sweet little devil with a angel face.
We don't need to call her skinny Minnie anymore.


Lisa was 10 years old.There mother was a wild cat.We catched the litter and I kept 3.Sammy died in a young age.
I had to put my third cat to sleep last summer.It was a very though decision,but I hope it was the right one.                                                                                  
Lisa was put to sleep this summer 2007 after a short illness .



Trish is 11 years old.She lives with me for 6 years now.I got her from the humane society.She is a wonderful pet and I am very happy that I picked her.
The story behind Trish is,that my Ex-boyfriend and I wanted to get a dog from the pound.I was looking around and Jim was just staying in front of that cage.Trish looked at him and he looked at her.He didn't move a inch,while I was checking out the other dogs.Finally I made it to Trish and Jim told me,that is the dog he wants.
After getting to know Trish we adopted her and as soon she was home,she became my dog.I guess she knew if Jim wouldn't like her right away,she wouldn't get picked.